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The Division of Community Mental Hygiene Services is the local governmental unit responsible for the coordination and oversight of all community services to persons with alcohol and substance use disorder problems, mental illness, and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Community Mental Hygiene Services are authorized under the New York State Mental Hygiene Law. The Division functions in concert with New York State's Office of Mental Health, Office of Addiction Services and Supports, and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Important Numbers:

If you are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, call for help!

  • Family Service League’s Diagnostic, Assessment, and Stabilization Hub (DASH) Program, 24/7 hotline: For mental health counseling, addiction treatment, and crisis care for children and adults in Suffolk County, call (631) 952 – 3333

  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: If you are in crisis, in need of support or resources, or if you are feeling suicidal, call the Response of Suffolk 24/7 Crisis Hotline (631) 751 - 7500

  • For a medical emergency, call 911

sarah anker
As the Chair of the Health Committee and the Addiction Prevention and Support Advisory Panel, I was proud to sponsor Resolution 1990-2020 that created this comprehensive website dedicated to resources related to addiction, mental health, substance use prevention, and rehabilitation services. In partnership with other levels of government, non-profits, agencies, and other organizations, our Health Department has been able to compile a vast amount of helpful information pertaining to addiction and mental health related resources. However, until now, there has not been a single point of access to this potentially lifesaving information. The creation of this website was born out of a discussion held at a public hearing of the Suffolk County Addiction Prevention and Support Advisory Panel where advocates, providers, and constituents alike shared that while there were resources available, there needed to be a more user-friendly approach to finding these resources and connecting them to people most in need. The hope is that by creating this site, we can increase the accessibility of these resources and continue to combat the opioid epidemic in our community. I'd like to extend my thanks to the Suffolk County Department of Information Technology, the Department of Health, the members of the Addiction Prevention and Support Advisory Panel, and our constituents for their collaborative work to make this website possible."

- Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker